Venn diagram


there appears to be no Data View node for the generation of Venn diagrams. Does anyone know if a Knime plugin for such visualization exists? Thanks.


Would an R mosaic plot be an option for that? I know it is not the same, gives a more crowded diagram (with more info on it).

No. For the statistical analysis of biological datasets simple Venn diagrams are essential. I know one can wrap the equivalent Rcode. But a Venn node in Data Views would be more helpful.

Upcoming improvements to our native views will make adressing this type of visualization easier, but for now I am afraid you are "stuck" with R (of which I am a big fan for viz. applications).

Many thanks. I look forward to it.

Will those handle HiLiting?

The new views will, but highliting won't work plots from R.

...but it would of course be a killer "Interactive R" integration feature to make hilites work both ways between R and KNIME. :)