[Vernalis][Bug] Configurable IF/CASE Switch:

Hi @Vernalis,

I might have found a bug, minor at best, where the dialogue “Settings were not changed” appears despite one output port was reconfigured to not be a variable but data port instead.

Please see as follow the screenshots.


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Hi Mike,

You are absolutely right that that is not the desired behavior - thanks for pointing it out. (I actually noticed this exact same problem myself last week in the middle of writing a workflow, and though that I must look into it, and promptly forgot by the time I had finished what I was doing!)

There is a work around, which is to use the node context menu (... on the bottom left corner of the node in the workflow). It is slightly clunky, but there are options to:

  • Exchange > Input (this will change the type of the incoming port and the ‘base’ type of any outputs)
  • Exchange > Output (this will toggle the top output port between the ‘base’ type and the flow variable output type)
  • Exchange > 'Else' Output (this will toggle the bottom output port between the ‘base’ type and the flow variable output type)

If you want additional ports on the output side, then the option Add more outputs port will let you choose between ‘Table’ (which actually is interpreted as the ‘base’ type set for the input) and ‘Flow Variable’ which is interpreted as it looks. Unfortunately there is no way from the menu to dynamically swap any of these additional port types, so you need to get them right as you add them, or remove them and re-add them.

The second workaround (slightly lass clunky!) is to change something else in the settings (e.g. click one of the ‘NOT’ options) as well as making the change in output type, and after an apply/close (which should change the port type too) then reconfigure the node and revert the undesired change

The clunkiness of the first workaround is exactly why I added it to the UI configuration, and so I will think how this might be fixed.



Thanks a lot for your super quick reply and suggestions Steve! I don’t consider this so important so if I had been in your position I certainly would have forgotten it as well :laughing:

Shall I mark your comment, even though it is not fixes yet, as a solution to close it off?


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Probably best not to turn it off just yet. It really is a bug and if it get’s marked as fixed then it will almost certainly get “forgotten” about again!

To help me remember, I also created a github issue for it at Configurable IF/Case Switch nodes Config panel doesnt update output ports · Issue #21 · vernalis/vernalis-knime-nodes · GitHub

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