Vernalis Database List Tables from Impala connection

I’ve a connection working with the Impala Connector node (thanks Knime team!) and am able to use the standard DB Query Reader and DB Table Selector…but I cannot connect the Vernalis Database List Tables node.

Am I missing something?

Many thanks

Hello @zedleb,

seems to me Vernalis database nodes only work with legacy Database framework. Am I right @Vernalis?


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That is correct - thanks @ipazin.

I need to check, but I think we did manage to update all the public nodes to use the new DB connections internally - I will check and try to get those pushed out publicly if so



Hi @Vernalis Steve

Any news on these public nodes?
I’d dropback to using the legacy nodes in the meantime but my Impala connection doesn’t work with them either!
Stuck :slight_smile:


Sorry @zedleb - I haven’t had a chance to look at this yet, although if the legacy version doesn’t work with Impala then I doubt very much whether the newer version does. Currently trying to iron out a few issues after the KNIME 4.4 update before we can update our community contribution properly again.

Could you post any error messages in the log when you try to use the node please? A quick look at the Impala jdbc driver documentation suggests that the DatabaseMetaData has supported the getTables() method since version 3.0 (see pg 48 of, for example), which how this and the related nodes generate their output, so I’m wondering whether we can track down what is happening to cause this not to work (whether it is something about our code - we’ve never tried it against Impala, or something to do with your Impala configuration)


Hi @Vernalis
Sorry for the delay in replying.
I’ve benefitted from the assistance of a colleague who’s created a workflow to do the required task…

Thanks again for your input and good luck for getting the nodes on the road again :slight_smile:


Thanks @zedleb - that’s good to know.