Vernalis: Extend functionality of Read / Write Variable Nodes

Hi @Vernalis,

I’d like to suggest to improve the Read / Write Variables nodes with the following functionality:

  1. Add option to read / write to Workflow Data Directory or other paths similar to the Table Reader
  2. Selectively write and read variables

Especially the last request will be useful when combined with loops. I faced an interesting situation yesterday when working on this workflow:

Upon the 3rd iteration the bottom port of the switch was triggered, reading the variables from the previous iteration which seem to have overwritten the variable “currentIteration”.

Not bad per se as I immediately thought this could be really helpful to conditionally skip or reiterated but on the other hand it seems to have been counterproductive at that time. Big thanks as always in case you consider this request.


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Ah - well, as it happens…

The internal version of those 2 nodes (I know, not much use to you at the moment:expressionless: ) was updated quite recently. This is the new ‘Write variables’ dialogue:

That variable filtering panel was a complete pain to make work but has all the same type-based/wildcard matching as the corresponding column filter.

The new version of the reader also uses the new KNIME IO/filehandling connectivity (‘KNIO’ as I refer to it, in reference to the java.nio it is based on), and also offers the following behaviours for duplicate variable handling:


I will add these to a list of release permissions I am working on - but in the meantime, if there’s anything else on there that looks like it’s missing, then do please let me know!



Hey Steve,

just awesome. You know, I once worked with another Steve who was as brilliant as you are and delivered astonishingly great results :ok_hand: I hope you know you are a genius and I can’t wait for the new release!


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