Version mismatch

I have installed AWS Knime instance.
I just uploaded my workflows and I get a version error.

Can I downgrade my Knime Analytics Workflows somehow?
Do I risk bits and pieces not working?
Any suggestions?
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Hi Shai,

Downgrading is not possible at this point. I recommend to go with a fresh installation, which can be kept alongside the 4.2 installation.


Version Mismatch

I already have 4.2.0 of Knime Analytics Platform.
I tried installing 4.1.2
I get this above message.

@RolandBurger your message seemed to suggest I could install both.

I must be missing something. Nevermind.

I am going to try export all my workflows, remove 4.2.0 from my computer and install 4.1.2 Business Analytics Platform again and hope that the older version accepts the files.

Is there a better method? Suggestions welcome.
Fingers crossed.

Hi @Shai,

The message is correct: You can only have one instance of KNIME Analytics Platform installed at the same time. However, note that you don’t actually need to install KNIME in order to run it. From our download page, you can also get a zipped version, which you just need to unpack somewhere and then run it as is.
Installing KNIME using the installer does a few additional steps, like associating the .knwf and .knar file extensions with you installation. Still, this is not needed for running KNIME.
Short: Just download a zipped 4.1.3, unpack, and use this until you upgrade your KNIME Server.


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I ended up installing 4.1.2
After uninstalling 4.2.0
Then I opened up my workflows… It gave a message about version but it was harmless.

Once done, they worked fine on the server.

The server didn’t execute the workflows for some other reason.

I raised another case for it.

So all good… One step at a time.

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