Vertica Connector Problem - when there is a large dataset


This problem happens when try to fetch large dataset from Vertica to KNIME.

A simple Flow: Vertica Connector --> Database Table Selector --> Database Connection Table Reader

The Select statement is expected to return 3.3M Rows,
However only 2.41M rows are fetched.
The number of fetched rows is not consistent, as in another execution 2.42M rows for the same query.

It seem that the result data is too large (??), however, it not report an Error, but complete the fetch, with partial data, and with no notification !!!

I suspected the problem is in the server side, however, when execute the same query with "dbvisualizer", the entire 3.3M rows were fetched properly. So it hints to look for the problem in KNIME or in the jdbc driver used for the connector.

Could you assist, please?