Vertical Table View


I am trying to modify the table-viewer Node, so that for each column header, the (transposed) Rows for that column get shown.

I tried the following css:

.knime-table-header {
	display: block;

But also with other CSS-display-methods, I couldn’t figure out how.

That’s how far I’ve come: But only the columns and Rows get grouped together and not each row for each column.

Thank you.

Hi @KNIME_uzer -

Can you upload your actual workflow showing what you’ve tried so far?

Thank you for your answer.
Here is a quick example Workflow I tried to make:
vertical_table_view.knwf (668.2 KB)

As you can see in there, I have troubles to combine the knime-column-header(s) with the Rows below them.

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