Video codecs supported by ImageReader?

Hi guys,

I have several short video files coming from a raspberry pi camera mounted on a microscope. Currently those are .h264, an MPEG-4 codec (compressed I presume). I was able to convert them to (uncompressed) .avi with ffmpeg, so that I can open them in ImageJ.
Obviously I would like to use my favourite tool KNIME to work with the data, however I was not able to import the converted .avi files so far.

For example in ffmpeg I used the nv12 conversion, which works fine for opening in Fiji/ImageJ:

ffmpeg -i inputFile.h264 -pix_fmt nv12 -f avi -vcodec rawvideo convertedFile.avi

Do you have experience with importing .avi (or any other video format) files into KNIME? What are the codecs that worked?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @Fritz,
I took a look at this, and indeed .avi does not seem to work correctly. I will look into which other options for video codecs actually work and let you know once I found a working solution.

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