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I would appreciate, if the data of out ports could be viewed by having selected the node and hitting a number key according to the ordinal from above, e.g. for the first out port hit 1, for the second hit 2, … . I presume, that out port number > 9 will be rather seldom.

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I am very much in agreement with you @Thiemo.Kellner, I miss the ability to Open 1st Viewport using a shortcut key as it was in the Classic UI, and you are right that being able to open the different viewports with keys such as you suggest would be great.

It is true that the most recent enhancement that brought back the popup viewports was a good step in the right direction, and I applaud the KNIME team for listening to our concerns about this, but access via one or more shortcut key is much more efficient, and at the moment the multi-tier-system of mouse clicking requiring three steps instead of a single keypress doesn’t cut it, especially when non-accurate mouse movement means I move the mouse and sometimes “miss” the secondary pop menu so it vanishes resulting in additional movements. And all those small micro movements of the mouse is not good for my wrist!

From other people’s perspective, the question could be asked of me why is having the popup data window so important given the presence of the node monitor table panel? Isn’t that providing most of this function?

Well, my answer is simple : no!

In Classic UI, I could open the first view port on one node (e.g. of the Excel Reader in the above image) with a single key press, then move to the following node (Row Splitter) to perform config that was going to be based on the data from the prior node. For example I want to include a variety of values in a regex pattern in the Row Filter, and I want to see what the values are as I enter the config.

The node monitor panel does not work at all for this use case, because I can view the data from the Excel Reader but as soon as I go to configure the Row Splitter, the act of selecting the Row Splitter node means I can no longer see the data from the Excel Reader.

This is why not having pop-up windows immediately available was always a big deal to me in the move to the modern UI.


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