View Model

At a developers meeting some time ago (probably 2007) it was suggested that the functionality of the THINK node for 3D molecule display could be accessed via View Model ie by right clicking a node and selecting view. 

As the current display node creates an OpenGL Display window using another program (not written in JAVA) this approach has some challenges.  However, as it is frequently the case that users like to view de novo molecules they've generated or docked into a protein etc, accessing the 3D display functionality via the View Model functionality would avoid littering workflows with Display Nodes.

I have encountered a 'road-block' very early in this implementation.  The method creates the window in which the graphics is intended to be displayed is created before the xxxxNodeView method is called and whilst the panel can be closed with a depreciated function, I have found no way of either preventing the window from being created or closing it without the user doing so ...

Is this idea worth pursuing or is there no developer access to this window?



You are probably looking for the class that we call ExternalApplicationNodeView that allows integrating external views as described in your post. In order to register such a view with the KNIME framework, override the NodeFactory#createAbstractNodeView method in your node-specific factory implementation. Note, we recommend reading carefully through the documentation of this method, since it is subject to change with KNIME v3.

Regards, Thomas