view pane to always show stdout and stderr of currently selected node

Right now, when I want to view the output of a node, I right click on a node and select “View: [NodeName] Std Output”, which then shows the output in a separate window. This is quite inconvenient to do this repeatedly, and closing and opening a bunch of windows in the process.

Is there an easier and quicker way to do this frequently (e.g. 50-100 times in a session), perhaps by putting the output of the selected node in the a view pane, similar to how the “Console” or “Error Log” tab works currently?

Hi @qhbxas & welcome to the KNIME forum community !

One possibility is to use the -Interactive Table- nodes which allow to hold their view on top of other windows. The interest of this node is that one can have as many views as needed and have then always on top at the same time. This is specially useful if one has a second monitor on which to move these views to have them always open.

Once the view is set “Always on top”, then every time one runs the workflow the content is updated and one can visualize how it changes with every run.

Hope it helps.



You may also want to consider enabling the Node Monitor feature (View --> Node Monitor.)

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