Viewer extensions and metanodes


I have a problem with older workflows that were written in 4.x and now no longer run in 5.x. Several viewers from the KNIME View Extensions, which are included in Metanodes, no longer run and can no longer be configured (even after a reset). The error message is :

ERROR : KNIME-Worker-64-Bar Chart 5:17:16 : : LocalNodeExecutionJob : Bar Chart : 5:17:16 : Caught “IllegalArgumentException”: No such node ID: 5:17 valid [5:17:14, 5:17:15, 5:17:16]
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No such node ID: 5:17 valid [5:17:14, 5:17:15, 5:17:16]

(note 17 being the metanode)

However, it seems to be independent of the upgrade, because I can reproduce it in a very simple workflow in 5.2.3.

For example, I attach Bar Chart and Histogram from the Viewer Extension to the Reader and everything works. I copy the two nodes, link them to the data and it still works. As soon as I combine the two nodes into a metanode, it no longer works. Do I now have to remove all these viewers from the metanodes?

I still works fine with other views from other extensions.

Hey @BPU,

Sorry to hear that you run into problems.
Would you be able to share this simple workflow?


Hi Daniel!

In the uploaded example was an unnecessary file system connection port attached to the reader. I removed it.

About the error message:
When I start the two nodes from the KNIME view extensions in the metanode, nothing happens. I cannot open the views nor open the configuration (empty windows only).

If I then reset the nodes and configure them again, I get the error messages described above

Hey @BPU,

sorry for the late response, the notification got lost in my inbox.
I had a look and it turns out that it is a bug on our end. It seems to be the case only if the view nodes are directly connected to the Metanode input port. Meaning that if you need a workaround you can connect a dummy node to the Metanode input and it should work again. I created an internal ticket (internal reference: UIEXT-1900) and we are already working on a fix.

Thanks for reporting and sorry for the inconvenience.