Views & Interactive nodes in the webportal

Sorry for the silly question.

I have not clear how the new "Views and iteractive nodes" work in the webportal.

As far as I understand, the views generated by these nodes should also visibile into the webportal, but I am not able to see them in the report produced by the executed workflow.
In the client (v2.10.4) I can see the interactive views of the worflow by right clicking on the node.

The the installed KNIME server version is 3.9.3. The executor ha 2.10.4 version. Is there something to install on the server in order to make these nodes work?

Can someone please clear up me in the usage of these nodes?


Have you had a look at our somewhat recent webinar series this subject?

Basically, the BIRT reports are endpoints for the workflows, but the quickforms are used to actually execute the workflow from the browser on the server.  If you have the webportal installed, you should be able to browse your executable workflows by visting a url like servername:8080/<context root> the later part of which you can find in your glassfish configuration panel. 


Thank for your answer  Aaron,

I can successfully access and execute from the webportal the workflows. I can also successfully see from webportal the reports generated by the worflows.

What I have not clear is how to use the KNIME Labs' "Views and iteractive nodes" , especially the "Generic Javascript View" node.

The node documentation says "the code in the script editor is executed when displayed in the view (right-click -> Interactive View) or  in the KNIME server web portal".
But in the webportal, after having executed the workflow containing this node, I don't see the HTML it generated.

Do I need to install something additional to the web server in order to see the output of these nodes, or have I not understood how these nodes work?





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