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Hello everyone,
I have 2 issues about visualization
Issue 1: I use ‘R plot’ but it does not appear on Layout, so I have to use ‘Image Output Widget’ to show this plot but how can I config the size of ‘Image Output Widget’ to adapt with window size? Now, I only can fix max width and height size.
Issue 2: I create a node to choose input value then use ‘Histogram’ node to visualize data. But the layout has error.

However, when I reset Histogram node then execute, the layout can show my histogram.
Thank you for your help in advanced.

@cuongnguyen you could configure the export of graphics in the R View node. Sometime with SVG output of KNIME nodes you might have to go thru the chain of nodes in order to get them to a PNG format. That might also be true for non-r nodes:

More example of how to use R and graphics and KNIME can be found here:

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@mlauber71 Thank you for your suggestion, but when we config it is hardcode, right? But I want the size to adapt with the window size

@cuongnguyen you could try if an SVG output would work. A vector graphic should be scalable.

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