Visualize COVID-19 in Italy

This dataset used the Choropleth World Map Component and Plotly Line Plot to visualize the spread of the COVID-19 virus in Italy, also known as Coronavirus. Data from Kaggle. Last update: March 9th 2020.

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This is how part of the visualization looks like:

great job, really useful. I try to download the updated file from the Kaggle link you provided in the post but it have only 8 coloumns while 16 needed. maybe there is a more complete version?

I @ataru72 ! Yes there was an error in the metadata which now it should be fixed. Sorry about that.
The correct dataset link is this one:
I also updated the workflow with the latest data so that is now updated until yesterday (March 15th).

Hi Paolo, the new file works correctly thank you.
Just one thing I didn’t understand: every time I update the file, I have to reset the “Table Editor” node, execute and open views, then manually fix the regions name for “Emilia Romagna” and “Trentino Alto Adige” in the table. Is there a more correct way to proceed?

Thank you very much for your time

Hi @ataru72,
another cool thing about those view nodes is that you can change the default behaviors by using the button “Apply as New Default” in the right bottom corner of the View. You do not need to do anything now it should work on its own. Let me explain better.

The Table Editor view was opened by me before sharing the workflow, I changed “Emilia Romagna” to “Emilia-Romagna” and other things like this. Then I selected “Apply as New Default”. This way even on node reset the interactions as saved and the output of the node is always what I desired. It’s an easy way to edit a small table without using the Rule Engine node. Feel free to replace the Rule Engine node if it does no work for you.

If in the view you see the “Emilia-Romagna” region with any color different than white it means it’s still working.


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