Visualize limits in scatter plot

I’m trying to replace Excel for data analysis and for the visualization of the production process in the time (over 250 000+ values). In the first step I’m stuck in the point, that I would like to visualize scatter plot with the bottom and upper limit line. The values for the limits are in the separate columns, I have tried Scatter plot JS and Erlwood 2D/3D plot, but in both cases I’m able only to visualize only main value.

I didn’t find any example of that case. I will very appreciate any help!

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Hi @Josee116 and welcome to the forum -

Are you trying to plot a simple time series trend? In that case, you can use the Line Plot node to plot your data, as well as min/max values:

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Hello Scott, thank you for your reaction. As you can see in the line plot you can’t see the distribution of the values, this is the reason why I use for all analysis only dots.

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