Visualizing Classification Algorithms

Hi Knimers!

Is there a node to visualize results from a classification algorithm like the example bellow?

If not, could someone show how to use R node to plot results from ElemStatLearn package?

Thank you




Hey Fabio,

Very interesting idea. I am not aware of a builtin KNIME-node that does this, but you should be able to do this yourself without too much effort.

Attached you will find a simple example to do this. You can automate a lot of the process and allow the user to set one parameter for the grid granularity and then do all the rest hidden in a wrapped metanode.
Also this is restrained to 2D, but maybe you should create a N-D-grid, assign the cluster to the points and then only display two dimensions or something like that.

If you build something like that it would be awesome to see it, so please upload your solution if you create one.

Feel free to ask any questions about the workflow.


Hi Ferry!

I dont know what is going on but I can't download .knwf extensions.

Can you provide in a zip file?

Thank you!


Hey Fabio,

Hm, is there an error message or do you have any clues on why you can't download them?

Attached is the workflow as a zip file.


Hi Fabio, I did this a node called R Source (Workspace) and R View (Workspace). Probably the code in R Source node is redundant, in fact I remember a post from marco_ghislanzoni where he made a empty R node. 

Please let me know if you have more questions

All the best



Hi all,

Related post and (admittedly somewhat inefficient) solution in native KNIME:



Hi Ferry!

Thank you for all your help!

Only to let you know, this is what I get when I click in a .knwf extension

Thanks everybody!

It's getting better and better, day by day!


Hey Fabio,

thanks for the feedback. This happens to me too and I am looking into it. To download .knwf-files you need to right-click and select "Save Link As". Then you'll get a .knwf-file which, when double-clicked, opens the Analytics Platform and shows the workflow. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey everybody,

happy to anounce that our webmaster fixed the problem. Now clicking on a .knwf- or .knar-file triggers the download.