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Hi team,

I managed to find out how to make v look up. which is great !
Now, I have to make several vlookup refering to SKUs.
For example, for a sku, I want to find its gender, its diversification etcc.

I don’t know how i can make those v lookups and then put them into my workflow. If i put a joiner after another joiner, the time to execute is way to long.

Do you have an idea?
Thanks !

On the image, you see three vlookups and i want to add those 3 columns to my workflow

How long is it taking to execute? Even with tens of million rows and 10s of columns, the joiner should complete in ~5 minutes or less (generally speaking). You may want to try the Joiner (Labs) node as it’s apparently rewritten and is faster.

Also, is there a reason why you can’t just do one join and bring in all the necessary columns from your Excel reader? I don’t see a reason to do 3 separate joins here.

Feel free to post your file/workflow as well, as it will help us understand what you’re doing and how we can best help.


You might try to use a cache node at the end of each join. And if wou must do several joins at once you could use a local database. The H2 Database can also live just in memory which if you have enough of it might speed up things

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Hello @ConstantD,

generally speaking for simulating vlookup function I would use Cell Replacer node. In your case use 3 in succession if you need to perform 3 vlookups and all 3 columns will be there after the last one.


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