Vlookup multiple values

Hi I am looking for a node or flow where I can lookup multiple values in one column?.

Both cell replacer and joiner nodes will lookup first value in the column.

This is formula I use in excel at the moment:

=TEXTJOIN(“,”,TRUE,IF(‘Find Suppliers’!$C:$C=Pivot!B4,‘Find Suppliers’!$R:$R,“”))

Many Thanks,

Hi @akngnew

Welcome to the KNIME community!

Could you please enrich your question and give some more details? Like current input, expected output, (anonymized) source files, a workflow showing the problem. Theoretically, a left outer join will join multiple values if the right table contains more than matche, but the most efficient solution really depends on what you have in terms of data and are expecting as output.

The more you can provide, the better people will be able to help you out :wink:


Thanks Arjen. That worked. Cheers.

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