Vote for "The Helpful Hand Of The Forum"!

Dear Community,

In addition to our existing awards, we’ve identified a gap for an accolade honoring “the helpful hand of the forum” —a title that will be bestowed by YOU!

We invite you to cast your votes for up to three forum users. The individual with the highest number of votes will be crowned the recipient. While we aim to keep your choices open, this year, we are limited to acknowledging the top 10 solution providers from the past year due to technical constraints.

Voting closes on Wednesday, the 21st of this month at 12:00 PM.

Furthermore, if you have a creative suggestion for the award title, please share it as a reply to this post. The suggestion with the most likes will be adopted for future use.


Wow @armingrudd , I feel honoured to be listed together with al these community member authorities, just because of positive contributions.

what a bout ‘knim(e)ing pole star’?



Thank you @gonhaddock for your title suggestion.

I believe now is a great moment for everyone to express gratitude to forum users whose contributions have been most beneficial to them.


Too hard to choose!
Congratulations to everyone :partying_face:



Yes, it was also too hard to list only 10 nominees since there are many more contributors so close to the list here in terms of provided solutions. e.g., @aworker who actually should be in the list if we accurately consider solutions in 2023 not the past year (Feb 2023 to Feb 2024) and I hope he accepts my apology for not having his name in the list. As well as @marzukim @qqilihq @HeatherPikairos @bruno29a and you @lelloba who have helped the community a lot in 2023. There are many more whose contributions are not forgotten: @elsamuel @izaychik63 @AnotherFraudUser @Thyme @quaeler and @s.roughley are just a few of them.
Next time, we’ll aim to keep the poll options open if possible, enabling the community to vote for any forum user they found most helpful.


@armingrudd it is an honour to be nominated. I voted for @takbb - his detailed and thoughtful solutions are one of a kind and they show deep knowledge about KNIME.


Wow thank you @mlauber71 ! That means a lot to me coming from you as you have been using KNIME far longer than me, and I feel you have a much broader and deeper understanding of many of its facets than I have! Your own contributions both on the forum, and elsewhere (e.g. on medium) are prolific and your “meta collections” and workflow collections on the hub are simply legendary!

I have of course voted for you too, along with a couple of others although it took me a while to choose; all of the nominees and others (many of whom @armingrudd has mentioned) are worthy contenders for various reasons. It can be that they are technically strong with respect to KNIME’s workings, or simply that they are eager to help solve problems, or have great ideas. There are many who don’t always get “awarded” the “solution tick”, but their effort nonetheless helps move everything towards arriving at a solution, and it is great to see so many people regularly trying to help others. Respect to you all!


Looking at the votes cast, I’m not sure what the percentages mean :wink: but I’d like to congratulate @mlauber71 on having the largest of them! :slight_smile:

In my view it is very well justified and you are a worthy winner not just for this last year but I think consistently across many years.

My suggestions for award title:

Fellow (or Fellowship) of the Forum
Forum Maestro/Sage/Wizard/Guru/Fellow
Contributor of the Year

or… KNIME Node Nerd :wink: :thinking: :rofl:


I agree that the resulting bar chart of votes’ result, it does fit with my perception; so @mlauber71 's collecting user’s recognition, fits with the high quality of provided solutions, and continuous commitment with the KNIME community.

So congrats @mlauber71 and thank you to all the others @armingrudd mentioned. Because I’ve learned quite a lot from your collaborations (JKI participants as well).

Doctor Nodes 23

@armingrudd will have to launch another pull with proposed award titles :upside_down_face:


Hi guys,

Was a supprise for me to see my name with these greats guys!!! I need to be out for some months to care my health, I feel a little better, but thanks a lot for all that remember me for these voting…! I’ll try to be more present at the forum to help and learn with you…

thanks thanks thanks!!!

Denis Iongbloed


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