voting between multiple classifiers

I there a way/node to use the voting to make a decision if we get different outputs from different classifiers (use the majority output).

Have a look at the Ensemble Learning category, there’s – beside other nodes – a loop node which allows to perform voting:

This page should give you some idea how to use those nodes:

I haven’t used the “Ensemble” nodes myself so far, but built voting classifiers with the Rule Engine and Java Snippet nodes instead, which is for sure not as convenient as a ready-to-use node, but allows for more customization on the other side.

Hey, did you get the correct node for this purpose ?
I am also searching for the same type of node but ‘‘vooting loop end’’ is not the one as it votes between different results of a classifier and not between results from different classifiers! Right?

The node that @qqilihq proposed did the job.


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