Voting in the Feedback & Ideas category

The Feedback & Ideas category has an additional feature compared to the other categories: we have enabled voting for the individual topics that are created here. We hope that this will help us at KNIME to keep an eye on the feature requests, bugs, and other ideas that are of the most interest to the community as a whole.

PLEASE NOTE: While we will be watching this forum carefully for your input, topics with larger number of votes here are not guaranteed to be addressed by the KNIME Development team. For various reasons, not all requests are feasible, and we can’t commit to updating the software based on topic popularity.

Having said that, we do very much want your input! Voting is straightforward - just click the Vote button at the top of the thread if you agree that a particular topic is noteworthy. (You can also clear your vote if you change your mind later.)


From the main category view, you can easily see which topics you have voted on using the “My Votes” link. You can also see a list of popular topics sorted in descending order by clicking “Votes”.

Although we have initially given users a fairly large number of votes to work with, we ask that you vote only on those topics that are important to you personally, so that we can have a clearer picture of the “pulse of the community”.

For ideas that do eventually make it into the software, the plan is to move those threads to the “Implemented Fixes” subforum, so that every one can see not only that the idea was accepted, but who originally suggested it! :slight_smile:

Voting is an experiment for us, and one that we may tweak as we move forward. Please let us know what you think about the process, and by all means, keep suggesting ways we can improve KNIME software!

Hi @ScottF,

I seem to be able to vote for some topics but not for all and not more than one:

In this example, I can vote for Feature suggestion: “Example Data Creator” but not Improve Path Data Type Integration

Hi @goodvirus -

Just to be sure I understand you, are you going inside the topic itself to vote by clicking on the yellow “Vote” button? As far as I know you can’t vote from the topic list itself, that just shows how many votes a particular topic has.

If you are still having trouble, can you mouseover the “Vote” button in a topic, and report back how many votes the system says you have?

2023-01-31 09_46_18-Voting in the Feedback & Ideas category - Feedback & Ideas - KNIME Community For

Hi @ScottF,

I thought I could vote via the overview screen (and recall that I did for some), but maybe someone else voted in the time i clicked and I tought it was my vote. Voting inside of the topic works fine.



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