Want to stop execution of a workflow if certain condition doesn't match

I want to compare total number of a count in a column between source and target. And if the source count is higher than the target only than I want to run the workflow. Otherwise i want to terminate the workflow execution. Not sure how to achieve that in knime.

There are probably cleaner solutions, but I have used an If Switch and the Disable Flow component.

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I just remembered that I have simplified this to just controlling the Enable / Disable Flow component with a conditional flow variable. You have to attach it to every separate branch in a workflow since it only shuts down the downstream nodes.

I also have a vague memory of modifying the component to add the flow variable toggle, but not sure… If you don’t see it then let me know and I will upload it for you.

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@tamzid89 one way I would do this is use the

or if it is indeed just the incoming data try use

Also a construct with a CASE Switch Start – KNIME Community Hub could work.

Maybe you start by constructing a sample workflow that would represent your case. Would this workflow do something else besides stopping. Could a loop be involved? Are there other branches in the workflow that might need handling?

More general there is the



@mlauber71 Haven’t tried out Breakpoint yet…

Does it halt the execution of the entire workflow, or just downstream nodes?

@iCFO I have no in depth experience with it. In general: one will have to connect the nodes that should be stopped with Flow Variables to make sure the rest of the execution also gets stopped. So some planning might be required.

Also the question might be what kind of automation this solution should serve. Is it just one user on the local machine or is this meant to be run on a KNIME server. The solution might differ. I have used the Empty table switch: if no data is there just stop/deactivate the rest of the workflow.

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