WARN messages

Is there any way to configure an actual workflow such that the hundreds of WARN messages dont appear in the Console pane, or in the webportal page. It causes endless worrying to other users.

I am happy for the ERROR messages to continue to be displayed, I just want to disable WARN messages.

Is this possible.



You just need to change the log level from WARN or above to ERROR to see only those messages in the KNIME Console, please see File > Preferences > KNIME > KNIME GUI to adjust this level.

Many thanks thats great. I now dont need to see hundreds of WARNs in the Console window.

But also, how do I stop these WARNS appearing in the KNIME WebPortal.


Hi Simon, the log level only applied to the KNIME Console or KNIME log file. The WebPortal logs all messages that appear together with the workflow, which are errors and warning that issued at node level, red and yellow icons. Sorry, Thomas