WARN Number To String (deprecated) Column not found

Excel Reader (XLS) (deprecated) node with an excel file attached:

After executing I get error:

WARN Number To String (deprecated) 3:2285 Column “Equipment count (in standart units)” not found.

Why is the column in warning named with () inside? If I watch my node 2284 output it shows the column just like it is supposed to. No extra () inside the column.

Number to String (deprecated) node:

Hi Lyhis,

are you sure that the Column “Equipment count (in standart units)” is a number?
Did you try to use the non deprecated Number to String node?

Could you maybe give the table spec (without values) for the Output of the Missing Value node? :slight_smile:

I see in your screen shot a column name without the parens - but i also see a scrollbar; do you potentially have another column whose name is the version with the parens?

Thank you for your answers.

Here is the spec ( had to remove some other column info ):

@quaeler yes there is a scrollbar and there is no other similarly named column.

Hi there @Lyhis,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Interesting. Which version are you running? Did you try the one that is not deprecated? Can you share workflow example? If data confidentiality is issue simply remove all rows and add 1 dummy row.



I tried without deprecated node and looks like it’s working now. At least no errors given. I was given this workflow and was told that everything is working, I only needed to change DB connections so thats why I didnt want to change node types. Not sure if (deprecated) node was needed or the normal one works the same, sure looks like there is no big difference between those 2 nodes.

Thank you all for answers!

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Maybe column used to be with parentheses so from there warning comes…
Anyways glad it is working now :slight_smile:

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