Warning flow variable missing


My file reader node is controlled by variable.
Every time I run the workflow, the variable value is “missing” at first and then the log gives a warning:
“Errors loading flow variables into node : Coding issue: Cannot create URL of data file from ‘missing’ in filereader config”.
After the workflow ran all nodes till the filereader, it is processed without any problems.

Similar applies for other nodes controlled by a variable like writing nodes or file list nodes.
Is there a way to avoid these warning messages? I know it’s only a warning, and the workflow runs fine, but I find them annoying.

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Hello @Zwasja,

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This is by design. Agree with you that these kind of warning messages (that are not really warning you about some issue you have to address) are annoying. However with time you learn to ignore them. Also there has been quite a number of topics raised around warnings recently so hopefully gets addressed in near future.


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Thanks for your reply

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