Warning in type list in output

Hi @victor_palacios,

I saw your presentation regarding python extension and I was wondering if you can give me a hand.

I am dealing with a simple warning but I still wondering way is happening.

In the output port I am having 2 string columns and one list column.

In the configure module I declare the list as follows:

def configure(self, config_context, input_table_schema, input_spec: ISK_GenericPortObjectSpec) → list:
# Define output schema
types= [knext.string(), knext.string(), knext.list_(knext.string())]
names= [“Document”, “Chunk Name”, “Embedded Text”]
schema = knext.Schema(types, names)

    serialized_schema = json.dumps(schema.serialize())
    spec_output = ISK_GenericPortObjectSpec(spec_data=serialized_schema, schema=schema)
    return [spec_output, schema]

In the execute module I return the knime.table as per instructions in the guide:

return [output_port_object, knext.Table.from_pandas(table_output)]

however, I still receiving a warning after execution:

I wish, I could sent you all the code, but it is for my company so I cannot show all of it. However, if you can help me to clear the warning it will be much appreciated. Perhaps it is a KNIME bug???

Thanks in advance,