Warning One For All (PMML) Node. Duplicate possible values found, Original column name will be appended

Hello, i have this dataset:


and I want to get rid off the error Duplicate possible values found, Original column name will be appended
I emailed my professor and he told me this:

In this case, it is just an alert. Alerts give us information that is not exactly an error, but it is worth checking for correctness. What the warning tells you is that there are different columns that have identical class values. For example, there are different columns that have values “Yes” and “No”, that is correct, it is not an error. Therefore, we can ignore this warning. In addition, the warning tells us that these class names will be joined with the column name, so it will not be a problem, we can differentiate them by the column value. But it is rather a warning to keep in mind.


I’m sure that there is someone out there that can solve my problem, I don’t want any warnings in my workflow. I haven’t found anything on the internet, I need to implement this node as one of the models I’m training is an SVM. Thanks, paûlos.

Hi @pa_u_los and welcome to the forum.

Can you also upload the current state of your workflow, just so we can see what you’ve already tried?

It may not be possible to completely eliminate all warnings in your workflow, as some nodes are just “noisier” about warnings than others. But upload your workflow and I’m sure someone will take a quick look.

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