Warnings from "wrong" workflow execution order

When I run my workflow, I keep getting warnings like this in the log:
WARN main Node Errors loading flow variables into node
WARN main Node Error while validating SQL query

The reason is that these nodes use flow variables, which are not instantly available since I read the variables from an external file. However, I read the file as the first thing and well before these nodes are supposed to be executed. It seems KNIME wants to “test run” the nodes, but obviously they fail before the data is available. Eventually, they run fine, once the preceding nodes have been executed and the flow variables become available.

I thought that connecting nodes through flow variable ports or otherwise would guarantee the execution order. Is there a way to force the execution in order to get rid of these warnings?


I keep getting these warnings as well but I don’t really mind :slightly_smiling_face:

As you said this is “test run”