Way to add new template in R plot node or save adaptions?

Dear All

I really like using the R plot node (with the standard data input) for generating more advanced plots, but would like to adapt the plots and then save them as a new template in that node.
Or add the full RGG template code to another scripting node to run in the future as needed via the GUI.
Is there a way to do this in this or another node?

Even trying to apply or OK changes in a template gives me a warning for Invalid settings: java.lang.Null PointerException but with little indication what it doesn’t like.

I wonder if this past thread relates to the same problem - QQ plot

Many thanks for any thoughts and advice


You could save all kinds of information from R in RDS files. You could try and store such a template and maybe settings in an RDS file and read them back later.


Thanks - @mlauber71 - you’ve clearly spent a lot of time generating valuable content around R - KNIME integration which is great!

Regarding the workflow you linked above I found I was having to create graphics and a data folders in the appropriate path for the Table to R node to work otherwise it was giving me an “error in the R code - cannot open the connection” message.

I take it there isn’t a way to adapt the RGG based templates and then save them with a different name to then be used routinely in the R plot node or any other for that matter (e.g. R View (workspace or Table)?

Or is there an alternative way to create adaptable plots while incorporating KNIME color, shape and size models?

Thanks again


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The example was meant to lead to new ideas. I wanted to show that you could store information from one R session and read it back in another one.

If you could provide a full example one could see if there might be a way to transfer the information.

There was a debate about KNIME color manager and how to transport the information to python, maybe a similar thing is possible with R.