Way to externally reset paths for shared workflows to avoid missing nodes in uploading

Hi everybody

this request came into my mind after installing BiosolveIT workflows, where they strongly recommend to set workflow source directory to a precise address in order to avoid manual path editing.

It's  a more general request: would it be possible to edit a workflow parameters after importing but before loading it? Sort of similar to "Edit Meta Information".

This is because if some nodes cannot be loaded (status change or false path for retrieving data, whatever reasons...) will be lost and without layout picture would not be possible to reconstruct it (for not to speak of nodes lost in metanodes)....

The editing "Emergency or Alternate Paths" would help knime to reset source paths in case it would not find the correct ones during loading...


Andrea Zaliani

I don't really understand your request. If nodes are present but the settings are not correct any more (which is strange anyway) then the node are still there and many (but admittedly not all) node still show the old configuration. If the nodes themselves are not present in your current installation then editing any metadata won't help. You need to install the missing extensions (and KNIME Analytics Platform 3.2 will even do that semi-automatically).