Web Application using Knime


Is it possible to create a CRUD web application using Knime? Can we trigger a HTML page with data fetched from workflows?



Hi Shiva,

Through your CRUD application you can execute KNIME workflows by using the KNIME Server Rest API interface. In general, this feature of the KNIME Server allows you to create industry-standard web services.

This is part of the KNIME commercial extensions offered by KNIME.

If you want to learn more about KNIME Server Rest API, I would suggest you to read the following posts:

  • https://www.knime.org/blog/giving-the-knime-server-a-rest
  • https://www.knime.org/blog/the-knime-server-rest-api
  • https://www.knime.org/blog/creating-restful-services-with-knime-an-update

If you want to learn more about the KNIME Server, please take a look here: https://www.knime.org/files/Marketing/Datasheets/KNIME_collaboration-extension_productsheet_web.pdf and/or contact  sales@knime.com

Hope that helps,