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We are analysing KNIME for some data analysis and we have a list of parameters which we currently provide from an internal portal. We are wondering if the input to the KNIME can be provided through a web interface, for the variables or can KNIME be executed through a browser instead of a local instance.


Vijay Dj


I don't have an answer but I have the same question and noticed you haven't received any replies.

Can out-of-the-box KNIME be used to create an input mechanism where users can supply query parameters via a web page and run a workflow/ report on the server based on those parameters? If so, are there mechanisms to provide dropdowns and other web features in the interface? 

Okay, this is an area I dont know much about but I believe KNIME can do this. But I believe you may need the Enterprise version (http://knime.org/enterprise-server).

There are nodes already present in KNIME to select via dropdowns etc for the web in the QuickForm repository, i.e. the String Radio Buttons node allows a multiple choice selection via the web.

At this point I'll leave it open for the KNIME guys to comment further.


Dear all:

Thanks Simon for answering this questions. And yes, with the new product release we have a new component in the server which offers a web page to a workflow. As of KNIME v2.4 you can use the nodes in the "Quickform" category to define input and output components as they are shown on the web page. An input is, e.g. a file upload, a choice selector or a date/string/number input. An output is for instance a file download (=link on the web page), a string/label or a report.

These web pages are straightforward to design (you do everything in the workflow) and easy to publish. They are not meant to replace full featured web application with all sorts of built-in logic. They are certainly good enough to quickly create an easy-to-use input mask where the end-users uploads a file, selects few additional properties, hits the RUN button and downloads the result files/report.

If you need more information please contact us or write me an email (Vijay Dj did already and Jon has my EMail address).