Web Interaction Nodes - Unable to go the second tab that got opened with Click node


While using Web Interactions nodes, Click node does the click of Xpath and it opens a new tab. However, Content Retriever Node retrieves only first tab, not the second tab that got opened.

Can anyone help how to choose active tab or switch tabs using Web Interactions nodes??


Hey @mckiyer, sorry for the very late response to your question. I must have missed it. It is not possible to ‘switch focus’ between tabs. This means if you need the content of the second tab, you’d need to:

  • Retrieve the link to the second page, Page_B, from the current Page_A with the ‘Content Retriever’
  • Use the ‘Navigator’ to open Page_B with the link
  • Use the ‘Content Retriever’ to get the content of Page_B
  • Use the ‘Navigator’ again to move back to Page_A

With these steps you can get the content from Page_B as well. I hope my answer helps to solve your problem. If not, please let me know.


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Thanks Alex

Page_B link is ajax click link (not a direct url) in Page_A.

Will the suggested method by you still work out for ajax/Java type of links?

Swich tab node may be the good option that should be explored by KNIME team


Dear Karthik @mckiyer,

did you try out the ajax links?

I agree, a switch tabe node is a good suggestion, but unfortunately we will currently not focus on that.

Best regards