Web Portal Job States

Hey Knimers, a few questions in regards to Knime server and job states displayed in web portal.

  1. Idle Jobs - What does this state mean? are these jobs consuming server resources?

  2. Loading - how can we kill/stop these jobs? they have been loading for days now and I am presuming they are hung/stalled. Can we set a global time limit for loading jobs stopping them after a specified time period?


Hey @ajc,

Idle Jobs are Jobs that are loaded on the KNIME Server/Executor without being executed.

Loading Jobs should not stay in this state for so long time, I assume that there went something wrong during the load. Are you aware of any specific circumstances that could have caused this?

In general the timeout within the loading of a job should be finished is configured via this knime-server.config option:

com.knime.server.job.default_load_timeout=<duration with unit, e.g. 60m, 36h, or 2d> [RT]
Specifies how long to wait for a job to get loaded by an Executor. If the job does not get loaded within the timeout, the operation is canceled. The default is 3m. This timeout is only applied if no explicit timeout has been passed with the call.

And the timeframe after which a Job gets discarded with this:

com.knime.server.job.max_lifetime=<duration with unit, e.g. 60m, 36h, or 2d> [RT]
Specifies the time of inactivity, before a job gets discarded (defaults to 7d), negative numbers disable forced auto-discard.

Source: KNIME Server Administration Guide

Both settings can be also applied on the Administration page of KNIME Server Webportal 4.12.+ via GUI.

If you want to discard these jobs you can check these on the Jobs Monitoring page and press delete.


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