Web service timeout error

Dear all,

I'm having trouble with the "Generic Web Service Client" node. I use this to access a webservice WSDL. However, if the query runs to long I get a timeout:

WARN 	 WSExecutor                    	 Failed on row "Row0": Job timeout error
DEBUG	 WSExecutor                    	 Failed on row "Row0": Job timeout error
org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.SoapFault: Job timeout error

The timeout parameter in the "Generic Web Service Client" node is set to 10 minutes, and the webservice WSDL should have time out of 5 minutes.

However, the workflow stops with the error above after around 40 seconds.

This suggest that there might be another timeout parameter involved somewhere.

Any suggestions on this would be more then welcome...

Best regards,


Do you get the error when you query the wsdl (e.g. while in the dialog) or when you run the node and process the data? Can you also send us a detailed stack trace so that we can trace the timeout?

The parsing of the wsdl itself is done in a 3rd party library (cxf) - not sure if we have full control over that step but I'm happy to take a look once we know where.


Hi Sander,

just to be sure: are client and server talking directly to each other (i.e., is it possible that some form of proxy / firewall etc. is involved)? I had some bad experiences in the past with "intelligent" and "transparent" corporate firewalls for web service calls that took longer than a few seconds.