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Hi there,

Looking at KNIME, the next component that I think would be really useful is a web service, similar to that offered by Scitegics Pipeline Pilot, so that you can publish your workflows to a bigger audience. Are there any plans to make such a feature available?

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Hi stanage,

so far we have got only a glimpse of what's possible and available in Pipeline Pilot. We very likely won't have a generic web service node that the user gives a wsdl and that then "simply" runs the service (how do we deal with complex objects?).

With regard to KNIME flows being exported as webservices... that's not (yet) on our list of things to do next. We are currently in the process of rewriting some central piece of code (the workflow engine). KNIME will have a feature that allows the user to export (sub-) flows as reusable component but exposing flows as webservices is a step further... the implementation of the server side part would require some effort, for which we (currently) have not the resources.


Hello Bernd,

I understand that you are currently busy with many other things, but, just in case, I wanted to ask if there is any progress on 'feature that allows the user to export (sub-) flows as reusable component' and 'exposing flows as webservices'. Would you be able to give an approximate time of release of any of the above? Thanks.


Hi Robert,

wrapping and exposing subworkflows will be part of the new workflow manager (simply because the new design will make this a lot easier). The new WFM will be part of v2.0 coming out sometime later this year or in early 2008. The Webservice exposure is not guaranteed to be in there though since this will require a kind of KNIME server to be setup and we have not yet quite determined how to make this happen.

- Michael

If someone is looking for a Generic Web service in KNIME, You can find it in the below link: