Web, WhatsApp and Facebook Scraping

I need a solution to search certain texts or photographs on the internet.
That is, I type a certain text or insert a certain photo and locate the
websites or profiles in which they appear.
Which would be the third party API most suitable?
Is there already a commercial solution to do this?

Hi there @jmorgent,

welcome to KNIME Community! So you would like to build such workflow(s) with KNIME and offer it as a service? What I know that there are Reverse Image Search engines available for free.


Hello, Ivan.
Yes, I want to build such workflow(s) with KNIME and offer it as a service.
Thanks for the tip.
Any help will be appreciated.

Can anyone indicate a Reverse Image Search Engine?
Thanks, John

Deeplearning4J (Is there another one?)

Hi @jmorgent,

I see. Well I would suggest you start with exploring KNIME workflows that are related to services you would offer. You can do that on KNIME Hub. So some web scrapping, image analysis, text analysis should be included into your search. Then while building your own workflows you can open topic for specific question if any.

Another thing to mention is if you are looking to offer a service which would call KNIME workflow in a background you need REST API which is provided via KNIME Server.


Thank you again, Ivan.