WebDriver Factory: Extend Snippets

Good morning,

I was wondering if there are more Snippets / Capabilities to leverage when starting a browser. I.e. I found “–disable-infobars” from

But a comprehensive list I could not find. In the Selenium Docs, linked via the node description:

See here for a documentation. It’s also needed when running a RemoteWebDriver to specify which […]

The link points to a page which points to a moved destination (guess description links must get updated too).

The final page however seems to link to legacy docs but if I recall correctly Selenium Nodes were recently updated to Selenium v3, weren’t they?


Hi Mike,

let me answer that bullet point style:

  • Currently there’s no UI way of saving and re-using snippets (a functionality similar to the Regex Extractor would probably make sense though - well noted!)

  • Let me review the documentation, thank you

  • There’s (focused to developers who want to customize the Selenium nodes), an extension point available which allows to add snippets programmatically (also for adding custom locators and drivers, btw)

  • In case you have any suggestions of snippets we should provide per default please let me know here

  • The current official release of the nodes use Selenium API v3.141.59, the next upcoming major release will switch to v4


Thanks Phillip for your feedback. Based on your feedback, as there is no real bug not urgent tasks resulting from our conversation, I propose to close it off. Have a great week!

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