Webhook Listener


We have a use case of listening to a request from a webhook and call the results URL, from the webhook output using rest API, to download the data.

I was wondering if KNIME has a webhook listener on the KNIME server or any other recommended service that it will work with.

Note: We are trying to see if KNIME can act as a webhook listener.

Appreciate your help!

Hey @ndhomse,

Welcome to the KNIME community!

It sounds like you want to create a workflow which is capable of downloading some data from a URL, and you also want to be able to trigger that workflow remotely from some other service or application. Is that correct?

If so, then yes :slight_smile: KNIME Server can be used for this. With KNIME Server Medium or Large you can host KNIME workflows as REST APIs. You could upload a workflow (which executes the data downloading steps) to KNIME Server and then call that workflow via REST from another service or application. See KNIME Server Pricing for more details on the features we offer per tier for KNIME Server.

Please feel free and encouraged to fill out our contact form if you’d like additional assistance understanding what KNIME Server has to offer from our customer care team!



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Thanks @sjporter.

I had a chat with Wali and went over our use case.

Currently, Knime doesn’t support our use case and I requested to be added to the future releases.