Webinar - Advanced Chemistry: RDKit + KNIME + Python for the win! - November 5

Join @greglandrum

  • November 5 from 10-11 AM (UTC +1 Berlin) which is 6-7 PM UTC+9 Tokyo

for an advanced chemistry webinar and find out how a blend of tools - RDKit, KNIME, and Python - is used together for R-group analysis.

Greg is a big fan of both KNIME and Python, “I regularly use them together with the RDKit to work with and analyze chemical data.”

In this webinar, he will share and walk through a workflow that uses a combination of KNIME nodes and Python scripting to do some advanced R-group analysis and visualization. In addition to the workflow itself, he will talk about his rules of thumb for figuring out which tool or combination tools to use for particular tasks.

There will also be plenty of time for Q&A at the end of the webinar.