Webinar: Deep Learning for Image Analysis - September 23

Join us on September 23, 2020 from 10 AM - 12 PM UTC+2 (Berlin) for this webinar on deep learning for image analysis.

Deep learning - the utilization of many-layered neural networks - now enables computers to make sense of data that have previously been too complex. An example of such are images, where deep learning based approaches achieve excellent results on many tasks. After a brief introduction to image based deep learning (Convolutional Neural Networks), we’ll show you how to build and apply basic Image Analysis deep learning models in KNIME. Here, you’ll learn about tasks such as classification and segmentation, and we’ll look at an additional, more advanced use case.

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This workshop is run by David Kolb (@DaveK) & Benjamin Wilhelm (@bwilhelm) (KNIME).


Hi Heather,

Any chance this will be recorded? The broadcast appears to be 3am my time :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Jason,
We do send out links to the recording of the webinar and also the slides - to people who’ve signed up to attend - so essentially yes!! You would just need to register for the webinar - to make sure you get the link to the recording.
I agree that 3 AM would be a very unpleasant time of the night/day to watch a webinar :smiley:
What’s your timezone?


Hi @heather.fyson

Thanks so much for the reply :slight_smile: I’ve signed up and look forward to the video! FYI I am in the central time zone of the US.

Have a great week!