Webinar: Deep Learning for Text Analysis with BERT - October 22

In this webinar, we introduced Google’s deep learning network BERT and showed how to utilize it for two use-cases:
Artem from our partner Redfield demonstrated how to do Sentiment Analysis on a dataset of movie reviews using the brand new Redfield BERT Nodes. Check out his workflow Sentiment Analysis with BERT extension by Redfield on KNIME Hub for more information.

The second use-case presented by Franziska utilizes embeddings extracted from a customized BERT network for Semantic Search on the CORD 19 dataset to answer COVID 19 related questions. Her workflow builds on the KNIME Deep Learning - TensorFlow 2 Integration and is also available for download on KNIME Hub under Semantic Search with BERT.

Please feel free to ask questions and engage in discussions related to the webinar and/or its topic here.

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