Webinar: Excel to KNIME - The why and how to get started - September 28, 2022

Data cleaning and data manipulation is a very important part of any data analyst or data scientist’s toolkit. Being able to quickly access data and prepare in a useful way is a key point for collaborations. Undoubtedly, common tools have their benefits - but also some limits. Have you ever wondered if there is an alternative tool that overcomes Excel’s shortcomings?

If you want to explore alternative ways for data cleaning and data manipulation then this webinar is for you.

Join @Daniel_Weikert for this Excel to KNIME session where he’ll cover:

  • How KNIME compares to Excel
  • How to get started with KNIME
  • What the most commonly used Excel functions/techniques and their KNIME equivalents are

What is a node to perform multiple row filtering actions at any one time?

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There is an aweso node in our labs.i use it all the time /row+lab

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When will the slides and workflow files that were discussed be posted?


Hi Everyone,
Here is the recording link of the webinar: Excel to KNIME - The why and how to get started - KNIME

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Hi all,
thanks a lot for participating on the webinar. I really appreciate it and thanks a lot to the KNIME team for inviting me. @Shantanuty @Schalk

attached you can find the slides of my presentation and the workflow
KNIME Excel Webinar.pptx (1023.8 KB)
Link to the worflow on the KNIME hub


you can do that with rule base row filter node

I have uploaded them this afternoon. Hope that helps.
br and thanks for participating. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks, implemented :slight_smile:

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