Webinar: KNIME Analytics Platform 4.7 Release - February 13, 2023

Join @tobias.koetter and Alison Walter on February 13, 2023 at 4 PM - 5 PM UTC +1 (Berlin) / 9 AM - 10 AM UTC -6 (Austin)

Hear directly from the KNIME Product team about the latest developments in KNIME Analytics Platform 4.7–now ready for product environments. You’ll hear about the latest Geospatial Extension, further improvements to the new UX/UI, as well as an update on the KNIME Python node, just moved out of labs.

The product team will be joined by select community members who have helped develop or test all the latest features. The event will conclude with a Q&A to the product team.

Since one participant asked for an example for how to use the Raw HTTP input/output nodes, there is one here now: RawHTTP Input Example – KNIME Community Hub

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