Webinar: Teaching Data Science with Visual Workflows - February 25, 2021

Join this webinar to learn how to adopt KNIME Analytics Platform in teaching. It is hosted by @stelfrich from KNIME.

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Most higher education data analytics courses nowadays cover at least a bit of data science: data acquisition, data transformation, data cleaning, and standardization, data blending, data visualization; some machine learning, some statistics, or all of the above.

KNIME Analytics Platform is an excellent tool for such courses: It is free (and open-source) and its visual workflow approach is very easy to grasp and intuitive to apply. With its extensive collection of operations and machine learning algorithms, however, you will rarely lack functionality which is further made unlikely by integrations with popular data science tools like Python and R.

With the spread of KNIME Software in the industry, more and more companies are looking for graduates with KNIME experience for positions in data engineering, data analysis, business analytics, and data science. Therefore, proven expertise in KNIME Software (through certification) helps graduates on the job market.

In this webinar, we want to show you how we can support you in the adoption of KNIME Analytics Platform in the classroom.

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Hello. I attended the session on February 25, Chicago time. I will be teaching new KNIME users, but I work in industry. I will be teaching data manipulation and modeling in KNIME to colleagues with analytical backgrounds other than data science, such as engineering, chemistry, and finance. I assume that I would not qualify for the academic group and discounts at KNIME, but I would like to know if there is another group that is devoted to education for people in industry. Thank you!