Webinar: Text Mining Panel Discussion - September 14

Come to our text mining panel discussion on September 14 from 6 - 6.30 PM UTC+2 (Berlin)
Bring your text analytics questions and join our expert KNIME panel discussion today onText Mining with KNIME Analytics Platform! Our panelists have been teaching courses and presenting webinars on this topic in recent months, and now it is your turn to chime in. If you have a question you’ve always wanted to ask, your brain is bursting with new ideas about NLP, or you just want to provide some feedback on the KNIME Text Processing extension - take advantage of this time to do so! Here’s a few examples of the types of questions we’ll cover:

  • What are the most common text mining use cases?
  • Do you have examples for grabbing data from pdf and docx files?
  • What are some of the common preprocessing nodes used in KNIME Text Processing?
  • How do I interpret topics I obtain from a topic extraction algorithm?
  • Stemming vs Lemmatization: which should I use?

During this 90 minute panel, we’ll be accepting questions and topic suggestions from the audience. You can also send us your questions in advance - there’s an opportunity to do that when you register through zoom. Even if you don’t have questions of your own, please feel free to come listen to the discussion!

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Meet the panel:

Dursun Delen is the holder of the William S. Spears Endowed Chair in Business Administration, Patterson Family Endowed Chair in Business Analytics, Director of Research for the Center for Health Systems Innovation, and Regents Professor of Management Science and Information Systems in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. Dr. Delen has authored more than 100 peer reviewed journal articles and 10 books/textbooks in the broad area of Business Analytics/Data Science. He has been the recipient of several research and teaching awards including the prestigious Fulbright scholar, regents’ distinguished teacher and researcher, president’s outstanding research and teaching, and Big Data mentor awards.

Scott Fincher is a Data Scientist with KNIME based in Austin, TX. He routinely teaches, presents, and leads group workshops covering topics such as the KNIME Analytics Platform, Machine Learning, and the broad Data Science umbrella. He enjoys assisting other data scientists with general best practices and model optimization. For Scott, this is not just an academic exercise. Prior to his work at KNIME, he worked for almost 20 years as an environmental consultant, with a focus on numerical modeling of atmospheric pollutants. Scott holds an MS in Statistics and a BS in Meteorology, both from Texas A&M University.

Panel host:

Rosaria Silipo is not only an expert in data mining, machine learning, reporting, and data warehousing, she has become a recognized expert on the KNIME data mining engine, about which she has published three books: KNIME Beginner’s Luck, The KNIME Cookbook, and The KNIME Booklet for SAS Users. Previously Dr. Silipo worked as a freelance data analyst for many companies throughout Europe. She has also led the SAS development group at Viseca (Zürich), implemented the speech-to-text and text-to-speech interfaces in C# at Spoken Translation (Berkeley, California), and developed a number of speech recognition engines in different languages at Nuance Communications (Menlo Park, California). Dr. Silipo gained her doctorate in biomedical engineering in 1996 from the University of Florence, Italy.

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