Webinar: Text Mining with NER Modeling - July 1

The next webinar on the topic of text processing is up - on July 1 at 10 AM CEST (Berlin) / 5 PM JST (Tokyo):

In the digital era where the majority of information is made up of text-based data, text mining plays an important role for extracting useful information, providing patterns and insight from otherwise unstructured data. Join Julian Bunzel, data scientist at KNIME, to learn how to train your own customized named entity recognition model, and how to apply it to extract entities from text, and create entity relation networks.

After Julianā€™s talk, he will be available for a Q&A session. Bring your questions to the webinar!
Sign up on the events page: https://www.knime.com/about/events/webinar-text-mining-with-ner-modeling-july-1-2020

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