Webinar: Time Series Analysis Panel Discussion - July 13

We have managed to gather together the KNIME experts on Time Series Analysis. They have put together a great course, a number of webinars, and the related components for Time Series Analysis within KNIME Analytics Platform.

Now it is your turn. If you have a question you always wanted to ask, take advantage of this great panel discussion on Time Series Analysis to do so! Here some example questions:

  • How do KNIME components work?
  • Do I need to resample my time series?
  • ARIMA or Machine Learning or maybe Deep Learning?
  • Which error metrics shall I use to evaluate my model?
  • What is the minimum size of the dataset?

During this 90 minute panel, weā€™ll be accepting questions and topic suggestions from the audience. You can also send us your questions in advance - thereā€™s an opportunity to do that when you register through zoom. Even if you donā€™t have questions, come listen to the other peopleā€™s questions.

The panel:

  • Daniele Tonini (Contract Professor, Bocconi University)
  • Maarit Widman (Data Scientist, KNIME)
  • Corey Weisinger (Data Scientist, KNIME)

Panel host:
Rosaria Silipo (Senior Data Scientist, KNIME)

Sign up on the event page: https://www.knime.com/about/events/webinar-time-series-analysis-panel-discussion-july-13-2020