Webportal cannot open any workflow: Could not extract workflow archive

Hello all,

Im working on the webportal of our company. Yesterday evening I ran some flows without any issues. This morning i tried to run a new workflow and now i get the error mentioned below:
Could not extract workflow archive ‘http://localhost:8008/knimeprd/rest/v4/repository/Spare%20Parts%20Management/MRRD/MN-variation-for-all:data’: /tmp/MN-variation-for-all9070316654878268849: Too many open files

I get the same message for every flow i try to open. I also asked a colleague to try to open a flow via his computer and he got the same issue.

I have not been saving any files on the webportal, although i do not know what all my colleagues are doing. I also doubt that my colleagues would flood the webportal with files between yesterday end of the working day and this morning.

I did a search on google/this forum but did not find any similar issues. Does anybody know what is going on here?

Hi @maroelof and welcome to the forum.

I’m moving this to the server forum so our support team will have it logged in their system. Let me ask one of them to take a look. Thanks for your patience.

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Small update: Just tried again and everything is working as normal. No idea whether something has happened over the weekend. So I would still appreciate some help in finding out what the issue was, as i expect it to return.



It’s worth noting that on *nix filesystems, file handles are used for any device access, e.g. every network socket open by a process uses a file handle. If it was hitting the limit for a short time, it may have had issues for a while, but then later wasn’t hitting the file handle limits so resumed working normally.

Very often ‘too many open files ’ errors occur on high-load Linux servers. It means that a process has opened too many files (file descriptors) and cannot open new ones. In Linux, the maximum open file limits are set by default for each process or user and the values are rather small.

You can find many resources online on how to increase the max ulimit values.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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